djdiscipleoldschool by DJ Disciple

Banks, David. djdiscipleoldschool.

This blog contains the reminisces of DJ Disciple’s career as a DJ. The blog contains only two entries thus far, one some press on his 1999 residency at Motor in Detroit. The other entry, more relevant for our purposes, is his memories of the 1988-1990 period in New York City. Disciple shares his memories of spinning on 91.5 FM, WNYE; the Choice, Wild Pitch, Zanzibar, and his overall feelings about the house music and the scene of that period. The post also contains flyers from parties DJ Disciple spun at during that period.


The Choice Revoice by Richard Vasquez and Eduardo Rossell

Vasquez, Richard, and Eduardo Rossell. The Choice Revoice.

Created to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of The Choice, this blog was supposed to chronicle the party’s history and host mixes from the party. Unfortunately there are only four posts on the blog, two about the party’s history and two mixes. The two posts about the party details the first few parties at the original location on 2nd Street between Bowery and Second Avenue and the circumstances which forced Vasquez to move the party to the space in which David Mancuso held The Loft on 3rd Street between Avenues C and D after the floor started to collapse during a party.