“Joe Claussell Works the Beat on Many Fronts” by Craig Roseberry, Billboard, April 24, 1999

Roseberry, Craig. “Joe Claussell Works the Beat on Many Fronts.” Billboard, April 24, 1999.

Billboard profiles Joe Claussell on the eve of the release of Mix the Vibe: Joe Claussell compilation on King Street Records. The profile provides an overview of Claussell’s career including his stint working at Dance Tracks record store, the formation of his record label Spiritual Life Music, his early remix work, and spinning at Body & Soul. Claussell also provides a glimpse of his upcoming projects.


“Gimme Shelter” by Andy Thomas

Thomas, Andy. “Gimme Shelter.” Straight No Chaser, September 2007. DJhistory.com. http://www.djhistory.com/features/gimme-shelter-2007-0 (accessed June 4, 2013).

Originally appearing in the final issue of Straight No Chaser, this article is a spotlight on The Shelter. The Shelter originally started as a one-off Paradise Garage reunion party in 1991, it immediately became a weekly party where dancers reigned. “The Maestro” Timmy Regisford provides a mix of house, disco, Afro-beat, and jazz to dancers who are ready to surrender to his mix. Andy Thomas talks to some of the dancers and dance music professionals who make Shelter their home.